Climate Conversations and Education

In 2024 I will offer a climate change education workshop called Climate Fresk and one-time group meetings for folks who are interested in discussing their emotions about climate change while connecting with others in the community.

Climate Fresk

Climate Fresk is a French-based NGO, with the aim to make climate science more accessible using graphs and data from the UN’s climate scientists, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The Climate Fresk workshop turns climate science into a game. You will work as a team to find the cause & effect relationships between 42 cards. Collectively, together you will build a collage explaining climate change. The workshop includes conversations about the drivers of climate change, the impacts, and solutions. To learn more about Climate Fresk the organization and the workshop, check out their website. You can attend Climate Fresks online or in-person.

The first Climate Fresk I am facilitating will be in Greensboro on Saturday March 2nd at Scuppernong Books. Allison Whitaker from With Many Roots will be facilitating as well. To attend you must register through the Eventbrite page below. Ticket prices range from $5 to $20. Proceeds will be donated to Scuppernong Books and Climate Fresk the organization.

Get to Grips with the climate science: Climate Fresk – Community Edition

Climate Emotions Group

While I’m still working on the details for the one-time meet ups to discuss climate emotions, they will be based off of the Climate Cafe model. Climate Cafes are spaces where a small group of people come together to express their fears, uncertainties, and other emotions about the climate and ecological crisis. The focus of the gathering is not to talk about solutions, but rather to help people express their emotions and feel in solidarity with others. Emotions regarding the climate crisis can be complex and often are difficult to talk about. While it’s tempting to either avoid the emotions that come up around the climate crisis or to jump straight into action, the belief here is that if we practice identifying our emotions and feel support and connection with others while feeling those emotions, we’ll be able to sustain challenging feelings and face difficult truths while staying connected and grounded, engaged in the work that needs to happen. If you’re interested in participating in an online climate cafe, check out the Climate Psychology Alliance in UK’s Eventbrite page where they list upcoming online cafes. You can also search for online cafes in the U.S. through Eventbrite


Stay in Touch

If you are interested in attending a Climate Fresk workshop or a Climate Emotions group, please email me so that I can make sure you’re informed when they are scheduled.